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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 5, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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the problems of protesters. i'm hanna daniels and we will show you commercial and backlash it is now getting. today is wednesday, april 5th, good morning i'm rahel solomon. good morning, ladies. >> well, good morning. >> happy wednesday, lauren, great to have you with us this morning. veronica over here. >> and, veronica here. >> we have to stay tuned later on to social media pages we may be putting up something, something. >> looking outside right new we have fog out there that is now moving out, so we are dealing with visibility issues >> we are moving across the area starting to creep its way west ward so head up in the eastern, philadelphia suburbs. it is kind of moving its way from the, concentration, and now moving westbound so we could see locally reduced visability. visability have been down for several hours in atlantic city down to .3 of a mile. conditions will improve with that fog over next several
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hours and very nice day in store. 61 degrees in philadelphia feeling nice and mild but much chillier down the shore. 44 degrees. because that number is so close to the dew point, number , we are seeing foggy conditions. 46 degrees is your current temperature with the feels like of 41. beautiful day. patchy fog, still around in the 9:00 o'clock hour. by lunchtime bright, sunny skies, 63 degrees, mostly sunny, mild, as we have a high of 68 degrees, above average, got to like that. but for tomorrow not going to like this flood watch for large portion of the area including center city philadelphia, dealing with the potential of heavy rainfall and strong thunderstorms and we will talk about that in your full forecast coming up. >> no relief for commuters, lately, all right, thanks very much. >> we are dealing with rain, wet red ways, what we have been dealing with all week long and we are dealing with visibility issues, and it is still lingering out there in certain patches as well. we have a speed restriction,
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on the new jersey turnpike this is new jersey turnpike 195, north 206 and new jersey turnpike you can see where that fog is and how much we are dealing w this is in the bottom one north of route 206. overall we are dealing with fog but yikes, take a look at this sky line, you guys. this is, absolutely, beautiful so, soak it all in before we head out there on your morning rush. sitting in traffic is not fun. take it when you can get it. take a look at that gorgeous, taillights moving in the eastbound direction. i can look at that all morning that is absolutely, stunning. construction northeast extension southbound between quakertown and lansdale that right lane is blocked and it will slow you down a little bit. also on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between fort washington and are in is town one lane block there, rahel, over to you. and new this morning police continue to investigate a shooting in philadelphia's logan section, a 47 year-old man is expected to survive, after he was shot in the neck, and that happened on the 4900 block of north warincome street despite his gun shot
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wound victim did make it to the friend's house where they called police. motive is unclear. police are trying to piece together what they say appears to be an attempted abduction. >> after a man put his hand on someone elses baby all caught on camera. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at dunkin' donuts in center city where bat czar scene unfolded, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning. rahel and jim. we are told man noise stranger to the dunkin' donuts here and investigators have already spoken to him. they are looking to talk to the parents of the baby to determine if an actual crime happened here. it is video that would real up any parent. >> it is a child. >> reporter: surveillance inside the dunkin' donuts at 15th and locust shows a man approaching a baby in the stroller sunday morning. he placed both hand on the child before a man and woman with the baby seen him and react immediately. >> what we see on video is what appears to be an attempt to abduct a baby. >> witness told police off camera that the man is a
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regular known for add, lewd behavior. she says, she shouted that is my baby before touching a child. police officers were able to speak with the man who was still there when they arrived. but the couple with the baby, did not stick around. and investigators want to talk to them to fill in the blanks about what happened. >> another thing that, you know, that we reacted to, it is reaction of the parents, you see, it looks like the father and mail figure chases him out the door. their reaction makes them believe it is something more, malignant then what happened. >> reporter: these parents say they are definitely on height and he leather after seeing bizarre act on video. >> i would like the whole set of parents to come forward, press charges and try to get people like that off the street. >> police have not yet filed any charges, in this case, but for now we are live from center city, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", rahel and jim, back to you. well, chopper three over boyer street and meehan avenue in mt. airy where police pursuit ended in a crash at
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8:00 last night and suspect was taken to the hospital, with what we are being, what we are told are none in life threatening injuries. no officers were injured. police have not said what led to that pursuit. jurors will hear their first full day of testimony today in the trial of the self proclaimed survivallist eric frein, charge in the shooting death of the pennsylvania state trooper. frein was apprehended after a 48 day manhunt in 2014 and accused of murdering corporal brian dickson and injuring trooper alex douglass. prosecutors called frein an assassin, in their opening statements, frein could face the death penalty. it is the attack condemned around the world, u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting after a suspect chemical weapons attack in syria. we want to warn you video we are about to see is graphic. the attack happened yesterday in the opposition held town in syria's northern province. video shows, some struggling to breathe and others convulsing and foaming at the mouth. fifty-eight people have died.
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syrian government is believed to be behind the attack. u.s. pacific command confirmed that north korea fired a miss that will landed in the sea of japan. it believes that it was medium ranged missle. it comes just before president trump host china's president this week, and secretary of state rex tillerson issued a statement saying quote, u.s. has spoken up about north korea. former national security advisor is denying accusation that is she mishandled intelligence, about a associates of the donald trump susan rice said her request for identities picked up in surveillance of foreign entities was legal and routine here's more from reid binion. >> this is not anything that political has been alleged. >> reporter: former national security advisor susan rice speaking to ms nbc pushing back against accusation that is she improperly handled classified intelligence about associates of the donald trump >> the allegation is that
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somehow, obama administration officials, utilized intelligence for political purposes. that is absolutely false. >> it comes amid reports on conservative outlets that rice requested identities of the americans, including trump associates with ties to russia who were swept up in surveillance of foreign entities. the process, known as unmask ing is legal and well within the purview of the national security advisor. >> in order to understand the importance of the report and sense of significance it was necessary to find out or request the information as to who that u.s. official was. >> reporter: trump allies sought to cast this as proof after the claim that obama spied on the president and wiretapped trump tower. richard burr indicate ago this rice may be called to testify in the committee's investigation in russian's meddling in the 2016 election. burr's fellow republican, senator john mccain conceding that the unmasking was legal while maintaining rice's actions should be examined for
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political motivation. >> she did have the authority to do it? what was metvation for doing it i think ises question. >> reid binion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". republicans insist they are making progress late night meet diagnosis in the produce a new health care deal. mike pence met with republican lawmakers including members of the freedom caucus, that group is largely responsible for failure of the first g.o.p. health care bill some republicans say they will have a deal in place before friday 's congressional recess. and as democrats continue to speak out against supreme court nominee neil gorsuch a showdown looms that could change senate and supreme court for generations. forty-four democrats say they will vote against proceedings to a final confirmation which is enough to block him under current senate rules but majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky said he could change those rules to require a simple majority for confirmation. well, nfl draft is weeks away but there are parking restrictions, in place today, we will that have coming up later. but first a new pepsi
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commercial featuring kendall jenner sparks a social media backlash what people are saying and why pepsi is defending the ad this morning. there are dating websites that are matching people based on their credit scores, we will tell you why many say that it matters, coming up next. a lot of cold play, i love you, our producer, for playing this. >> great dj. >> great producer too. >> we have been waiting for a forecast just like this, gorgeous day ahead law lauren is tracking big changes for tomorrow, up next.
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a few towns in missouri are recovering from damage after tornadoes ripped through that area check out this fun ill cloud last night in newton county 150 miles south of kansas city. two tornadoes hit the area within 15 minutes damaged reported at homes, college, elementary school and even a fire station. right next to missouri, residents in oklahoma are recovering from a night of hail this storm passed through northeastern part of the state yesterday bringing damaging hail and high wind. officials warned residents to be aware of tornadoes. one local media source reported thousands of power
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outages were caused due to the severe storms. it was foggy, overnight and this morning but it looks like we may be in for a good day, lauren. >> it felt nice when i walked out the door. >> we are in for a good day feeling nice in the area but easterly wind flow creating a temperature gradient across the area some people waking up to 60's, others waking up to 40's but a beautiful scene looking at our live neighborhood network cape may county courthouse, sun's coming up, beautiful scene there. temperatures are a little bit chilly. we can see that temperature gradient. check this out from cherry hill to pemberton we have a 10-. feels great in cherry hill but chillier along the coast. moving to the city 61 degrees in philadelphia feeling good stepping out but conversely as we head back into mount holly, it is 43 degrees. temperatures in the north western suburbs no problem, don't need that heavy coat, temperatures in the 50's. these temperatures are as a result of the easterly wind flow. that is where we have chillier
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air moving in off the atlantic , and in problems is keeping that warm, mild air in place. as we head in the day today, it will be a beautiful one. 68 degrees, mostly sunny, mild but overnight tonight wind start to pick up, showers developing lately of 49 degrees. storm scan three is quiet. our next storm system up wind, it is pet event and will bring us stronger to severe thunderstorms, center city philadelphia in a marginal risk tomorrow and southern portions of the area which includes much of the delaware in slight risk for severe weather. we will fast forward to this evening as we head in the overnight per, scattered showers developing, this is tomorrow morning, for your morning commute areas of heavy rainfall, scattered showers and thunderstorms heading throughout the afternoon and a few of those on the strong to even isolated severe side. keep an eye to the sky and keep in tuned if we have watches and warnings for the day tomorrow. as we head into friday, meisha , it is phillies home opener. officially spring.
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it will be cooler with a high of 52. >> thank you very much. >> yes, i like the sound of that. good morning everyone. we are looking at the boulevard southbound you can see pushing toward the schuylkill it is getting busy, we have been saying it all morning long and i have been saying reason why, a lot of times we will start off with monday and tuesday with rainy roadways everybody gets stuck in that horrible congestion during morning rush so they leave extra early every single day. not a bad idea but because of that the levels we are seeing all right. then once you jump on the schuylkill westbound at city this is what we are looking at there traveling a little less than posted speed at this point. then we have an accident here in andorra port royal avenue near ridge avenue that right lane block there we have a second accident right now in horsham, horsham road at keith valley road. both of those accidents not slowing you down too much but head up for those in that neck of the wood, that is where they are at and they can start later. our construction is starting to clear one being northeast extension so i will move past that plus pennsylvania turnpike still out there between fort washington and are in is town one lane is
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blocked there, jim, back over to you. well, officialness georgia say it could be june by the time they fix this stretch of i85 in atlanta damaged by fire last week. nearly 700 feet of the interstate collapsed from the intense heat, 400,000 vehicles , used that now closed section of the highway daily. it is a commercial many people are talking about. >> new pepsi ad featuring reality star kendall jenner ignited social media fire storm for its depicts of protesters. cbs news correspondent hen adan qualifications shows us a d and backlash. >> reporter: new ad shows super model and little sister of kim kardashian west, kendall jenner in the middle of the fashion suit when throngs of protesters pass her by carrying peace signs. fashion model rips off her wig , wipes off her lipstick and grabs a pepsi before fist bumping her way through the crowd and handing pepsi to a police officer, seemingly
6:18 am
solving the problems of the protest tears. many quickly took to social media to blast the lift for now ad making comparison to this widely circulated photo of black lives demonstrator i isha a avenue. she was arrested over the death of alton sterling by a baton rouge police officer. while cash dash an jenner matriarch chris jenner said so proud of you kendall jenner, others weren't so impressed. music video and film director joseph kahn said i have been studying commercials for 30 years, kendall's pepsi ad is the war one i have ever seen. others rayed pepsi just made commercial of the year for joke. i can't believe jenner stopped police brutality with the pepsi. we have achieved world peace n a statement, pepsi says thinks a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony. we think that is important to
6:19 am
convey. hen adan qualifications for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". here's something new, is there now an on line dating site that matches you with a partner based on your credit score. >> interesting, credit score hawes event your your credit score, profile and experts say this could be a result of the millennials having a tough time finding a job after college some thought it was a smart one. others felt it was unnecessary >> you are not motivated to pave the way for a bright future. >> those are not building blocks of the relationship. you need love, faith, honesty. >> you cannot build a future with somebody if they are not financially responsible. >> one relationship ship did question fit was reliable because it runs on the honor system. site hopes its members are truthful it does face other problems. credit score is 92 percent accurate. what do you think. >> well, i mean, obviously it is important how someone handles their finances but is that going to be key to why you fall in love with someone?
6:20 am
that chemistry? i do not think so. >> that will lead to divorce course. >> exactly. >> it is like a mortgage. >> yeah, i think it is cute in theory, cute in theory but probably not as practical. >> okay. we will start a new one. >> coming up our pat gallen introduces to us a temple football player who could be drafted in the first round of the nfl draft, maybe. maybe by the eagles. >> all right. >> take a look this little boy ace live today thanks to the sharp eye of the local school nurse, simple symptoms that she spotted that led to a frightening diagnosis, up next our dj deserves the raise? this is great music this morning and we will have a good day to roll role down windows and cruz, lauren has more on the gorgeous forecast and drastic, we say drastic
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change. >> a . >> coming tomorrow.
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we're halfway to the weekend and it is shaping up to be a nice one, drying out after rainfalls, as we head in the day thursday and little bit of rain on friday but sunshine overtakes the area on saturday. cooler especially chilly start down in the 30's but sunday looking beautiful, sunshine and mild temperatures, and in the middle 60's, jim and rahel , back to you. all right, lauren, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across the region. >> montgomery county tourist viewed a chilling surveillance video that depict a deadly shooting on the parking lot of the norristown mcdonald's restaurant. prosecutors say video walker fal
6:25 am
ly shooting 24 year-old marquis johnson during june, on west main street. and delaware county daily times lst introducing a bill in the state house to require residents of the communities that use state police to fork over a fee, delaware county state police are primary police force for chad forward, chester heights, concord, edgemont, middletown, re thornb. burlington county times, new jersey department of education released performance reports for 2015/ 16 school year. in its fifth broadened focus on data about chronic student absen attendance eliminating comparison of peer schools statewide. that is a look a heaines are delaware valley. county boy ace live this morning, thanks to a teacher anisve thi story. when nathan campbell startedth
6:26 am
elementary school he told his teacher his leg the school nurse patty butler who was nathn 's skin was t insisted that thee him to the doctor few days lar leukemia and began treatment at children's it not be here talking about this today. i believe saved him. >> here's really good news, happy to say that nathan is in remission, his mom has many in nateed nurse butler in a contest called america's greatest school nurse, you can learn how to vote for her on cbs p linklater own and powe it on facebook. >> glad to see he is doingve philadelphia's sugary drink tax heads back tokes action agat taxpayers, new way agency is cracking down on people who tax. >> who owe uncle sam, jan? >> nfl draft is s already the dt experience and festival area
6:27 am
at eakin oval is taking shape i'm jan , coming up we will take you around and detail the parking restrictions already in place, meisha. all right, jan we are waking up to some fog and getting slow out there, two accidents, speed restriction and construction we will have updates coming up but first we will take a quick break stay right where you are,
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good morning, everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel 6:31. here's what you need to know in your minute. man is caught on camera's puts his hand on someone else's baby and parents of that babe, to determine if a crime actually happened here. and it is happening, first set of parking restriction as head of the nfl draft are in effect. in the meantime here throughout the city you can see signs of this impending nfl draft popping up all over the place. obama pal and noted smoking susan be spying on trump campaign, oh, i would doom you at dawn,ountain back, you bring a pistol and a
6:32 am
thesaurus. >> high school senior in new jersey was accepted into all eight ivy league schools. >> on to harvard. >> but then i got to all the others. >> i don't know where i be. good for her. she says her decision will come down to whichever school provides the best financial aid package, smart, logical a be indeed. >> big congratulations to her. lauren now talking aut forecast. how about the skies, are they looking bright. >> they are looking bright, start, log i talking with me. >> yes. >> a beautiful start to the foggy conditions, and chillier temperatures to the east of 95 greatly reduced visibility ac county, atlantic county, ocean county. visibility down to .3 of a mile in ac. temperatures 61 degrees in philadelphia, feeling fine but atlantic, brutal.h that east
6:33 am
44 degrees. we are at 45 in the poconos. beautiful day will the second hf the day. once fog clears temperatures will warm up. sixty-fiveow sho, 68 in the city and top out at 58 with sunshine in the much diffet story, powerful storm system moving in, period of rain both in the morning and lally strong thunderstorms, possibly isolate todd severe as well, times of the heavystng wind ande both commutes likely to be impact by this rain a activity. so you need extra time for both on your thursday. >> all right, lauren,nk head upn that. we can get no relief because of that rain. good thing your morning commute today is looking g take a look at ben franklin bridge heading in the westbound direction into centery. yes. we are starting to heat up most places. ben franklin bridge is lngretar. you can expect that new a
6:34 am
little bit but ben is looking great. vine is lo wel we will heat up for a little bit and we have tapered off right after this. westbound on the schuylkill at vine we are looking okay. you can see brake lights but we are traveling at posted speed moving in the west and eastbound direction. then we have an accident in andorra port royal avenue near ridge avenue that right lane blocked there but thinks just one of the three accidents that are out there right now. we have another one in horsham , horsham road at keith valley road as well. we have another one in flourtown, so for those in in neck of the wood they are out there good thing is the fog in these places are starting to move out of the way. third accident here paper mill million road at cheltenham avenue. just a head up our construction is cleaning out of the way, we had one northeast extension that has just been cleared. pennsylvania turnpike westbound between fort washington and norristown one lane blocked there and still out there we have construction , 95 north on ramp from columbus boulevard, closed from 6:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., jim, back over to you. $70,000 reward is offered
6:35 am
leading to an arrest in the quadruple shooting in north philadelphia three men were killed in the violence monday at 11th and styles across the street from a catholic school. we're told one man is still in the hospital. victims were well men to authorities, each had lengthy, criminal record and police are on the hunt. nfl draft in philadelphia is fast approaching and tonight, this morning parking restrictions went into place on the 2400 block of pennsylvania avenue. this impacts south side angle parking only but you can expect many more restrictions and detours to come as draft draws closer. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from the art museum, good morning, jan. >> good morning, do expect travel, around ben franklin parkway to get very tough as end of the month draws near and nfl draft is scheduled to be here in the city of philadelphia april 27th through the 29th. in the meantime you can see a lot of signs of this impending draft popping up all over the city, banners at city hall were installed this weekend and work here on what will be
6:36 am
the main stage is underway. nfl draft is still weeks away but transformation at eakins oval and philadelphia museum of artist taking shape. for three case at end of the month this will be the venue for 2017, nfl draft experience star studded event is expected to attract hundreds of thousands office people to the city as well as 10s of millions of dollars in revenue in the meantime set up has brought about frustration for tourist. >> about the only thing we came here for. >> reporter: those famous rocky steps are off limits, ronald stoop is visiting from holland. >> you just want to climb those steps. >> but they told you it is not happening. >> it is not happening, because of the american tradition of the draft. >> reporter: new parking restrictions are also now in effect near the art museum. you can no longer park on the 2400 block of pennsylvania avenue. >> i think it is going to take over the whole parkway, that is what it looks like. >> reporter: in fact, april
6:37 am
19th inner lanes of the parkway will close, by april 25th, all lanes, of the parkway will be restrict, 21st through between the fourth street in this area will shut down, eakins oval will be off limits as well as martin luther king drive. >> they are blocking off road, setting up bleachers, if we necessity bit ahead of time we will be like lets take fairmount avenue. >> now we know. >> yes. >> in the coming weeks, pedestrians will have a harder time getting around, too. but many we have spoken to say it is a small price to pay, philly once again gearing up for the national spotlight. >> it is progress, right, little inconvenience for big event that i'm sure will draw a nice crowd and plenty of publicity for the city. >> reporter: we did hear about some frustration but also, a whole lot of excitement, again the draft runs april 27th, through the 29th, of course, break down those parking restrictions and road closures over at cbs reporting live outside art museum, jan carabao for cbs-3
6:38 am
"eyewitness news". back inside to you. we love when our city is in the national spotlight, thank you. copping up in 10 minutes our pat gallen introduces to us hasan reddick a temple linebacker who could be a first round pick in the draft. get latest details on reddick and other draft picks as well as info on road closures at cbs debate over philadelphia's sugary drinks tax continues today in commonwealth court, peels judges in pittsburgh will hear arguments over legality of the tax. it add 1.5 cents per ounce to sugary drinks sold in philadelphia beverage industry claims their drinks are already subject to a state sales tax, and as a result consumers are being hit with a double tax. but city says it is not a sales tax because it is levied on distributors and in the retailers. the irs will begin using private collection agencies to go after unpaid taxes. irs says only people with long standing tax debts going back several years will be
6:39 am
contacted, and initial contact will not be by phone, the irs will send out a letter with the name and contact information of the collection agency handling the case. ban on electronic devices on direct flights to the u.s. could expand, according to a source additional screenings are being conducted behind the scenes. extra measure include checking planes cargo hold, with bomb sniffing dogs and equipment, often done before the planes arrive, those screenings are happening at 14 airports including o'hare, los angeles and insuring's jfk. one of the philadelphia's mess beloved figures passed on , family of ralph archibald tells cbs-3 that the official ben franklin impersonator died last month. >> he played ben franklin on the streets for 45 years. he shared a birthday with franklin. his familiar lip says archibald died from congestive heart failure. he was 75. >> very nice man we will miss him. pennsylvania couple going viral with the prank they have pulled on their mailman. >> they are called fidget spinners and they are gaining popularity for kid of all ages
6:40 am
but they also have a health benefit, we will explain, plus this... i'm pat gallen, coming up on "eyewitness news" i will go one on one with hasan reddick who goes from walk on at temple university to star to possible first round pick in the nfl draft in his own backyard yard. >> it will not behind hear me. >> a young philadelphia man does not let a disability stop him from getting children involved in sports, how he do it in this weeks story of brotherly apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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♪ well, central pennsylvania couple is already, hard at work on next years, april fools prank. >> this years prank has gone viral. bill and jackie kelly played a planning on the mail carrier. they grabbed a picture of the astonished mailman as he just
6:44 am
kept pulling, pulling, and pulling on a long envelope. >> i had just, thought of that one day we had a letter sticking out of the mail slot and it would be funny to pull that and kept going. >> it is nice that people just think it is funny, pass it along, a little laugh is good. >> and they say mail carrier was a good sport and enjoyed the prank as much as they did. >> and new for a look at the weather today. >> veronica. >> yes. >> got some tricks for you. >> yes. >> this is veronica and i have got your weather watcher reports, for us and we have a temperature, across the area, closer to the coast, temperatures chillier in the 40's but further away from the westerly wind flow temperatures in the 50's and 60's being reported by our weather watchers. but we will head into new jersey right now, 46 degrees. catching that east wind in chesterfield, new jersey and he says this just straight up, fog and that is where people closer to the coast are dealing with. also across burlington county
6:45 am
and ocean county and in that fog deck, it is pretty dense but it will start to clear out over next several hours. head into pennsylvania where it is 55 degrees, 10 degrees more mild with clear sky conditions and in pennsylvania , and helen says, warm, clear, breezy morning looking like a delightful day ahead. helen you've got that forecast on point, mostly sunny conditions, we will try that again, mostly sunny conditions , mild, 68 degrees. wind staying five to 10 miles an hour range as we head into tonight. breeze which showers developing late and low of 49 degrees. we do have another, another, round of wet weather in store as we head in the day tomorrow but storm scan three all quiet right now with the exception of the fog off to the east. we have a storm system off to the west, very potent system and it will continue to move its way thrt for tomorrow, likelihood of downpours is high, also some strong gusty embded with these strong storms. we could be seeing frequent lightening. we have a hail threat that is
6:46 am
moderate and low t tdooughout our thursday. period of rain both in thefteron on tomorrow. high temperature cooler friday. cooler 52 eeof the few light showers and looking beautiful hendg sunshine and 65, meisha by sunday next week. >> that sound good,righ lauren,y to you, if you are justare hape he thee bound direction past oaks outside. also 95 south at cottman look at how slow that is there would i say that is a residual , psychological effect from yesterday, because we started off with a bad accident right around this area and it is looking very, very busy around there as well we're pushing toward the heart of the rush. that will add to the congestion level. if you want to leave earl any that area it would not be a bad idea. we have a couple of accidents out there, one of which is just been cleared, or two, and
6:47 am
an dor ace still there, port royal avenue near ridge avenue that right lane is block. we had one in horsham that has been since clear. we are looking good there at horsham road and keith valley road. we have one here in flourtown that has just been cleared, as well, paper mill road, and cheltenham avenue you get the big thumbs up, jim and rahel, back over to you. well, a philadelphia man could have led a devastating injury slow him down. >> but as ukee washington shows us he didn't and now he is getting young people moving in this weeks story of brotherly love. >> reporter: we got to meet young people learning some very important fundamentals of life on and off the field. on a soggy afternoon in the city. >> ♪ >> reporter: the climber elementary school cafeteria subs as a gym as these youngsters, worked on moves with volunteer coach, dominic landers. >> i love it. it can be difficult at times but it is great to see when they pick up something, learn something or get engage in the
6:48 am
game. >> reporter: ten year-old jewels boone is one of the students learning soccer. >> if you make mistakes in the game that is you why come to practice. >> reporter: this club is called athletic club of fair hill. >> it is very fascinating because we get to see the growth. >> reporter: tyrick mango helped organize the funding and through his non-profit foundation. >> in the sit of philadelphia, youth doesn't know too much about soccer. we are trying to bring something different instead of basketball and football. >> reporter: he watches from the sidelines. he was paralyzed in april 2006 , at age of 16. >> i was young. i was graduate ago this year. it hindered me but once i went to therapy and learned i can fight for what you want, get out and just started working and doing it my whole life. >> he became an entrepreneur and helped kid like jewels whose mother was grateful he has found soccer. >> he is a really good kidney way, and, you know, this is
6:49 am
just soccer, yes. >> soccer teachers, discipline and confidence. some of these people don't have a home, so they have a figure they can look up to. >> reporter: thanks to people like tyrick and dominic, they do the mangum foundation provides volunteers and tutoring for students assistance for homeless shelters and support for families with autism. if would you like to find out more, go to cbs brotherly. i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> job well done. >> time is 6:49. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with the preview, good morning, nora. >> good morning to you rahel and jim. ahead and only on cbs this morning, gale's interview with ivanka trump her response who said she is not speaking out enough about her father's policies. plus how she separated herself from her own company and how her family moved to washington also we will hear from the new york times report shore
6:50 am
broke the story with the new allegations against bill o'reilly. we're in iceland with how country could soon force co to prove they pay men and women equally. we will see you at 7:00. >> lots to look forward to their. >> thanks, nora. nfl draft is late they are month and it is taking over philadelphia local prospect is likely to hear his name called very early the, our pat gallen , of course, caught up with him. >> very cool store friday right across the bridge. temple owls strengthened their football program after years of futility, one of the key players who led them back in back to back 10 win seasons is a big time nfl prospect and raised in camden and raised to gain new heights at temple. he may not be a household name but when nfl draft hits philadelphia later this month hasan reddick could be one of the first players select. former temple linebacker necessary how close he is to making his dream come true. >> it is an amazing feeling. it is something i have worked
6:51 am
toward. it is something that aloft people don't get to do and for me, it would be a dream come true for me, you know, i dedicated much of my life through football planning since i was five years old to be able to do it as a pro and to do it as a career would be amazing. >> reporter: growing up in camden and playing cross the river with the owls, reddick has defied odd to be a top prospect. >> i have thought bit just looking at my journey how far i have come to see where i'm at now while being a walk on at temple and maybe being a first round pick that is amazing it is just something you don't see a lot. work for me is in the done. is there so much to do. >> reporter: what set him apart and caused his draft stock to sky rocket was his nfl combine showing. his numbers were off the charts including falling in the 99 percentile in the broad jump but he woed with his 4.52 , 40-yard dash, fastest among all 58 defensive lineman
6:52 am
invited. >> what he has done out here. really explosive at let. >> nice, 4.52. >> it was, simple, i had prepared for it, i put in hard work, i knew what i could do, i knew what type of results i was going to get. >> many mock drafts have him being drafted top 20 in his own backyard. where will he land? find out on april 27th as has an reddick goes from freshman walk on to likely first round pick. >> he could hear his name called by eagles at 15 with many drafts placing him in the middle of the first round but if football does in the work out, he is interested in fashion, before he even steps foot on the field he has been working on his clothing line, check this out, he has his logo ready and hr. >> i love it. >> that is nice. >> very nice. >> yes. >> sportsweary love it. >> not bad. >> hasan reddick check it out.
6:53 am
speaking of crazy great items, experts say within of the hottest items in stores is american just a toy. >> device could help you focus and it is even being used to treat several disorder. the fidget spinner is a cube, are being snatched up by thousands, at department stores across the stores. simple design hide its useful ness, psychologist tells us why it works. >> it centers you when you fidgeting with something. >> back to your brain a signal that it is a repetitive task, and freeze up your mind. >> it is almost like meditation saying hmm. >> you know i fidget. >> well, fidget toys are often used by doctors treating patient was autism, anxiety, o cd and adhd. >> i have not been diagnosed with anything but i have issues. we will be right back three to go
6:54 am
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well, were you leave here is three to go. >> an appeals court is considering philadelphia suga ry drink tax, judges will hear arguments over the tax's legality. >> new jersey governor christie is joining hard rook international executives on the boardwalk this morning.
6:58 am
they will release details on plans for the shuttered taj mahal, hard rock announced plans to buy it last month. president trump is having a joint news conference with jordan ease king abdullah the second today. >> that is three to go. we will check with weather and traffic. >> all right, nice start to the day, most areas although we are still seeing fog especially closer to the coast but not in this scene, and cape may, beautiful, sunnies up and it will be a lovely day all across the area mostly sunny, highs in the lower 60's down the shore, upper 60es at in the city, meisha. thanks so much for. that looking outside we had a disable tractor trailer on 295 that has cleared but we also had police activity on the schuylkill eastbound at montgomery that looks like that is cleaning out of your way too and 295 confirmed cleared. >> thanks, meisha. the host of the cbs late, late show james corden is heading home. >> he won't be gone for long but just taking a trip home from london. he is shooting three episode there in june, and won't say much about the broadcast only
6:59 am
that the show, will definitely have a british, twist. >> okay. >> i like that. >> yes. >> i like that. >> yes. >> a little talent there, guys >> hey, you can catch late, late show with james corden weeknights at 12:37 here on cbs-3. >> 12:37. >> i'll note it. >> next up on cbs this morning ivanka trump's first tv interview since being named assistant to the president. >> join us every weekday morning on cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m. machine through friday. >> that is every weekday, yes, yes. >> just in case didn't know. >> yes.
7:00 am
idlib. good morning, welcome to cbs this morning. ivanaka trump answers krits and gives us a look inside the white house. she says she is complicit only and wanted to be a force for good. she also talks about her husband jared kushner and the family's move to washington. >> republicans call for president obama's national security adviser susan rice to testify under oath about her role in unmasking trump associates. she says there was nothing illegal about it. >> and this is as much proves they are paying women as


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